January 2010

New decade started, and some new goals for the coming year, as I know a lot of you make this time of year too. My biggest one is to be much more productive with my art this year. Last year was taken up with a lot of learning, and experiments with mediums and paints, and most of my work was studies done for future paintings..
So the first thing is my new Header up above.  It's a photo from one of the Expert runs up at Cypress Bowl in Vancouver, B.C.  The Olympics are being held in Vancouver in less than a month now, and this ski area is going to be used for some of the games.  So you may be seeing this view on TV in the future.  The view is facing West into Howe Sound with some of the Islands. Some fantastic panoramas to see there, so I thought I would show you from one of the runs I use to Ski.
I'm working on three new paintings right now, all extra large size, will be posting them as I get them finished.  Also some smaller ones on the way.


Quilt Works said...

Thank you for your visit! I'll be very pleased if you want to use the Rhododendron photo as a reference for an art work. Please come back and tell me when it is done so I don't miss the final result! I enjoy your artwork and style!

Shez said...

Thank you Quilt Works, how lovely. I'm so pleased. Will let you know for sure when I use it. Will be a month or so I think. :)