Play Of Color "Bovine"Cow WIP

Something new, out of the box for me, a bit of whimsy, and a new series, are these cows that I've started. I like trying different styles and love colors, so here goes.

Started this a while ago from a weekend painting event at WetCanvas, I had just got the drawing done, and it was left at that, so this week was in the mood to finish it. The idea was to go outside the box, and not to use the common colors found with these animals, and to put a bit of whimsy into it.
This was fun to do actually, the first photo was at the start, just putting in some colors, not too much thought in them, just let my brush choose the colors.
The second photo is about the 2 hour mark, not sure on the background color yet.
Not finished, but getting there.
Pretty strong colors here, but I like him. LOL What do you think.???

This is Acrylics on 2 inch deep gallery 12x12 canvas.

Blocking in the colors, getting the general shapes and forms below.


JafaBrit's Art said...

I really like these, I like the colours and how you used them. Really nice.

Shez said...

Thanks Corrine, now I need to finish them LOL, got sidetracked !!!