Faces - Puzzels of Our Past

Finished this today. It was done for an Self Portrait Challenge for 2008 on the Acrylics forum at WetCanvas. Today was the first day we could post them.
It ended up very different than I originally thought what I might do, and somehow I ended up with two figures. One of me from about 25 years ago and one of me now.
Very gut wrenching for most artists to paint themselves, and most don't do it very often.
I had wanted to try this technique, and thought the portraits suited it. This is done with Golden Fluid Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas.
Not sure if I'm totally finished yet, will hang it and think on it for a few days. I have to do that will all my paintings. Then I'll varnish it and it will be done. I've already got a couple more in mind for a series I think.
What are you thoughts on this painting!!!


Helen's Art Studio said...

I love it Sharron... Have you done a wip on wetcanvas. I don't usually get into the acrylics forum but I would love to see how you did this... the planning part or did you plan?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh such a wonderful piece! I'm sooo glad that you tried this technique. It is outstanding!!! Great job!

Shez said...

Helen and Angela, thanks, glad you like it., not a WIP total experiment wanted to participate in the challenge, but didn't really want to fully show my face.. Will PM you how I did it this week. Been so busy these past few days. :)

Gina said...

That is really incredible!!! It's beautiful to look at and a really great idea. And I love it just the way it is no matter what you decide.

Shez said...

Thanks Gina, lovely thing to say. You know us artists, when we try something different especially,love to get comments!! LOL, somethings still bugging me about it, not sure what though. It will eventually come to me.....I hope!!!

leslyf said...

Hi Shez ... this is really exciting! So unusual and quite arresting. Did you think it up yourself? or were you inspired by something in particular?

Well done you to produce this lovely piece! xx

Shez said...

Ah Lesly you found my Faces. Thank you for your lovely thoughts. My "Muse" did it, surprised me too!! LOL
I had seen some digital photos with a different backgrounds imposed and figures,and wanted to try that look. This was like Mr.Forbes and the Guitar something else came about. I've always been shy on how I looked, wanted to draw the eye to something else.