Church -The Bells Toll,....... Hawk,.......Grandparents On Main Street,

Here's where I was at after 2 hrs. Drawing and some underlayer done.

Grandparents on Main ST.
Acrylic 8x10 Canvas Board
This was done from an old B & W reference of the WDE's Hosts' grandparents pushing the hosts' mother in the stroller in the 40's. 
Should explain a WDE is an event that is hosted every week on WetCanvas, from members all over the world. 
The Host that week presents a bunch of photos and artists who want to participate paint, draw, sculpt their representation of the photo they choose to do. Their is a 2 hr time limit. 
At the end of that time, you publish your painting finished or still a work in progress, and everyone see's and comments on them. 
After that you can finish your painting or drawing at your lesiure. 
Lots of fun, and you never know what you'll be doing that day!! Did this last year around this time.
9x12 Acrylic WC Paper
another WDE. This wonderful bird has such spetacular colors. With eyes that catch all movement around them. When painting animals, like people, it's all in the eyes. I usually do the eyes in the beginning, cause if you don't get them right, there is no use in doing the rest in my opinion.

Church - The Bells Toll
Acrylic 14x16 WC Paper
First Painting on WetCanvas WDE's
I used watercolor paper for this and if you see vertical lines in the sky it's because the darn paper warped. Guess you need even heavier paper for Acrylics. I love the lighting in this one, was very happy that I caught it in the painting. Will do this again on canvas!!

Here's some from the start!!

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