Sketchbook Vine Charcoal Drawing #5 - Young Woman

Still working on doing some drawings every day if possible, to improve my skills.
This one was done tonight while watching a movie "Catwoman" ......I had never seen it before..... with Halle Berry, Sharon Stone.
Wow Halle is one incredible beautiful woman, I may, just have to try draw her sometime, and her figure is to die for!!!!
I really enjoyed the movie, and in the end had this drawing done. I did not work too hard on it, but going to post it as I don't want to nit pick on a study.
I find I'm working with the charcoals much faster, and more efficient, so that's good, also getting a good likeness a lot better, and faster. So I'm pleased.
Would love to hear from you.....Crits & Comments always welcome!!
Done with Willow Vine Charcoal
About 9 x12 in my Sketchpad


Miranda said...

I stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi! I absolutely love willow charcoal, it is so soft. I use it for the majority of my portrait work instead of graphite.... I can see how Catwoman inspired this lady, she's totally sexy and badass! Her eye is a little too big to be proportionate to her face, but nice work nonetheless!

Shez said...

Yes, you're right about the eyes Miranda. I saw it too when I posted the drawing. However, it's a study so will leave it for now. Thanks for the visit and I appreciate your input...Had a quick visit to your site, some great info there, that I can certainly use in drawing and sketching. Will be back when I have more time.....

Emily said...

a really great charcoal drawing check out my drawings

give me some tips or advice thanks!