News April 1st 2010

Wow, three months into the year already!! The birds have flown away with my time!!
Different things going on with me......

First off,........Two weeks ago I was the Host for a "Weekend Drawing and Painting Event" (called a WDE) at  WetCanvas  the largest International Artists Forum owned by F&W Publications. Here's the Invitation

This event starts on the weekend and runs till the next Friday the Host publishes some references, and Artists from all over the world from all types of media, produce paintings etc. from these.   Image Thread  Then they publish them for all to see and comment on during that week. It's amazing to see how each artists' painting is so unique, and the wonderful camaraderie that is established through the participation of the event. My goal as the Host, was to keep the artists interacting with each other, and the event rolling along. It was such a great honor to do this, for me. I also Hosted one back in November 2009.

I will also be Hosting an Event in the Florals Forum of WetCanvas during the Month of  May this year. 
Will update with more information as we get closer to  the end of the month.  This will cover all kinds of Flora  including Botanical.  It's open to all Artists and Mediums..

Also on a Personal note.  I received an Invitation to a Wedding from my Niece Megan and her Fiance Stephan. I'm so happy for them, and thrilled they are going to tie the knot.  I'm going to get a great holiday out of it as it's to be held at a vacation resort in the Okanogan , the May long weekend..
I've been shopping  already, you know how women are LOL.

I have no Paintings to post today, so thought I would post a recent photo of my guy...... Keeta.   My shadow, my studio mascot, and artist.....loves paint, loves to try play with paint. LOL

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