Thought I would show you some progress steps in another painting I'm about to finish. It has involved lots of glazing, which gives the painting wonderful depth, and helps them come alive.

The last one below - more glazes, doing under layer of highlights, and defining shapes of apples, so they Pop!! Almost done. Few more glazes and colors should do it.

The Second - Started to add more detail and glazes, and shadows

The first one, just blocking in the basic colors and shapes. Oh....
the size is 12 x 12 on 2 inch gallery wrapped canvas. You have the option of framing or not with this kind of canvas. Using Acrylics.

Will let this dry for now.
What do you think, comments welcome.:)



This is a WIP (Work In Progress) started this last night just working on some ideas for larger paintings, and trying different techniques, basically playing with my paints. Oh what fun, nothing like doing something you love to do.

This still has some work left to do, but posted it so I can have a better look at it really. Gives you a better way to view your work. There is some light background work done, but it's not showing up here. I can see right away some areas that need some pizzaz. Too tired to keep going, will finish later.

Update........Jun4/07...did a few more touches to this. I'm finished with this one now. My daughter loves it so going to give it to her!!

Self Portraits

Self Portraits, a nemesis for some of us.
True to her word, jafabrit has posted three of her self portraits, she has done in the past, which I think are wonderful, thought provoking examples of her Artistic talent. Go have a look. Thank you Corrine.
If anyone else has a self portrait to show, drop a line here and we will go and have a look see. It's always so interesting to see what others look like, and view themselves.



Ok, here it is, finished it on the weekend!
Found it hard to try paint myself, have trouble doing family too!! Would rather paint strangers.......hmmmmm must be some "Freud" thing about that one. Well its done, and I'm posting it.
There was a challenge on at WetCanvas in the Acrylics Forum. To post a SelfPortrait. by the end of the month. That's what this was for. This is my first of me in Acrylics, on Gallery wrapped Canvas. What do you think?