Another UpsideDown Drawing

This was another drawing done upsidedown in ink.... much harder than the dancer. Time limit was 15 min. Not bad considering all the details. Was fun to try. Even did his face!! Wow..... Old fashioned spinning wheel. As with the Dancer drawing, I just left it as is, with no corrections or touch ups! I'm quite pleased with this kind of drawing, as it wouldn't take much to make this drawing presentable with a few corrections with line and perspective.

Drawing UpsideDown

This was an experiment on drawing upsidedown from a good painting site. You take an image and turn it upside down, so that all you see then is shapes, not the image and give yourself a time limit and draw it. This was my first time . Five min. a dancer in a sari on the beach. had never tried to draw a figure before, so didn't expect much, was pleasantly surprised with the result. Didn't have a pencil handy so used black ink. Some artist huh!! I could have corrected mistakes afterward, but left it as I had done it on purpose. Will do more in the future as it eliminates what your brain says you're drawing ( like an arm, leg, etc.) and leaves you to just draw shapes. Really works better!!!


I was really just playing with paint and textures here. Manipulating the paint to look like oils with layers. Looks like oils to me! Acrylics are amazing.
5" x 7" Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic WC Paper 10x12
Love the constrasts with this lovely flower